Substance abuse is a life-threatening medical condition. Untreated, those who suffer this illness will die: they will overdose; they will develop cancers of the liver, pancreas and urinary tract.

The societal costs of addiction are equally devastating. Identified as one of the root causes of homelessness, substance abuse increases everyone's healthcare costs; substance abuse tears families apart, and children who grow up in this environment will likely become addicts as well because there is a generational aspect to the disease.

The YWCA Center for Life Empowerment is a state licensed substance abuse treatment facility, which functions to provide a clinically managed residential treatment for women and women with children. The organization also provides intensive and extended outpatient care both females and males. Our treatment is directed toward applying recovery skills, preventing relapse, promoting personally responsibility, skills, and reintegrating the resident into the world of work, education, and family life.

We support and direct clients by offering guidance in all aspects of their recovery. We encourage a comprehensive approach to goal setting, development of life skills, physical and mental health, employment, vocational or education enrichment and family support. We are dedicated to empowering women and women with children supporting their recovery and reunifying their families.

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